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 Christmas Master Class
Dec 19, 2022, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
151 The Arches, MacFarlane Rd, London W12 7LA, UK


Our workshops are designed for singers who aim to develop their musicality and confidence in addition to improving their vocal abilities. 

We focus on core vocal techniques which will help you take your singing to the next level. By taking part in the group environment of our workshops, you will gain skills that are necessary to be a singer. Through our practical approach, you will begin to create a strong foundation in performing skills that will consequently increase your confidence. 

Workshops are performed in a supportive environment by fun and professional vocal coaches. You will be taking part in a group for the majority of the workshop, however you will get the chance to individually perform in front of the group to showcase your singing skills.


Cancellation Policy


If you have purchased a one off lesson, evaluation session or group singing/workshop we aren't able to reschedule/postpone sessions under any circumstances. If you have purchased a block of one to one lessons, we are able to reschedule ONE class per block (within 7 days from the original booking date) if at least 48h notice is given otherwise your class will still be charged at the regular lesson rate. Your coach will offer you 2 alternatives but please note that if you are not able to accept the alternatives offered then the lesson will be charged at the regular lesson rate. When booking a block of lessons you commit to the same day and time for the number of weeks that you have purchased (unless pre-arranged otherwise). Once a lesson has been cancelled by a student that cancellation is final. Please do not contact us after your cancellation stating that you can in fact now make it to your lesson due to a change of circumstances etc - your lesson will no longer be available after your notice of cancellation. If you are late for your lesson, the time will not be extended. If you fail to attend your scheduled lesson it will be charged at the regular lesson rate. Lessons are non refundable. Our policy is strict and we do not change our rules due to the very busy schedule of our trainers and respect for them and their time. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel lessons at any time. Lessons may be filmed for advertisement and promotional purposes.

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